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Clean, sustainable, ethical, and supercharged by technology. Sound like you?

Good, that’s how we work too. OKIN Facility is committed to making facilities work better so that businesses can focus on their futures. We provide on-hand teams and smart services that you can rely on to take care of your world of work.

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We believe that facilities management can be better.

Powered by smart technologies, we can reduce waste, prevent downtime, and maintain critical infrastructure, enabling our people to focus on keeping the businesses they serve clean, happy and healthy.

Our approach

Better visibility

Proof that gives you peace of mind

We give you greater peace of mind, by providing visibility across your facilities management no matter where in the world you work. From always having someone to call on, to tracking each task in real-time, we strive for the highest standards in our processes and policies.

Better efficiency

A baseline to build from

Powered by smart services and data-driven tools, our team of OKINauts will get to know your facilities. Because when we’re efficient, you can get ahead.

Better Partnerships

Always on hand to help

Having OKIN look after your facilities means always having someone on hand to help whenever you need it. Our culture of kindness and our robust experience ensure we are ideal partners, whatever the scale of your organization.

Better tomorrows

Facilitating your future

Strong foundations are fundamental to unlocking the future, so what better place to start than knowing that your facilities are in order? By working together we’ll create the conditions for your people to thrive — from clean, safe environments to compliant and operational infrastructure.

We’re taking care of it internationally.

As part of a global group, OKIN Facilities is helping international businesses make their facilities work better

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Clean, sustainable, ethical, and supercharged by technology. Sound like you? Good, that’s how we work too. Committed to making facilities work better, we’re enabling businesses to focus on their futures. Providing on-hand teams and smart services that you can rely on to take care of your world of work.

We take care of it:

When your buildings work better, so do the people and equipment within them. With OKIN Facility you can transform your built infrastructure into a portfolio of high-performing, high-value assets that underpin a better future for your business.

Taking care of your building

We take care of it:

Keeping your equipment running at maximum efficiency is good news for customers, employees, and profits. And with OKIN Facility keeping everything running like clockwork, you won’t have to worry about losing time to unplanned outages.

Taking care of your equipment

We take care of it:

Happy, motivated, and productive employees will power the future of your business. We help you to get the best from your workforce by creating clean, attractive working environments with amenities they value.

Taking care of your people

We take care of it:

Reducing your energy consumption is good news for both the planet and your profits. Whatever your sustainability targets are, we’ll help you meet them by optimizing your energy performance and making your buildings more efficient.

Taking care of your energy

We take care of it:

Whether it’s your people, your property, or your information, we’ll protect the things that matter most to your business — so the only risks you’ll need to worry about are the ones you take to grow your business.

Taking care of your safety

We take care of it:

The world is challenging businesses to take environmental and social goals far more seriously. At OKIN Facility we can show you how to create a greener, fairer, and more sustainable future that’s as good for your balance sheet as it is for the planet.

Taking care of our planet