We take care of your


Keeping your equipment running at maximum efficiency is good news for customers, employees, and profits. And with OKIN Facility keeping everything running like clockwork, you won’t have to worry about losing time to unplanned outages.

Increase the productive lifespan of your equipment

Maximize the productivity of your assets

Keep your equipment legally compliant

Making facilities work better

Today’s buildings and production facilities are highly dependent on sophisticated equipment.

Buildings need to be comfortable, secure, and healthy to create the right environment for productive work. Equipment used by employees and production facilities needs to run smoothly and efficiently to maximize the investment returns for your business. To flourish in these conditions, organizations need efficient and dependable equipment that demonstrates their strength and reliability.

While responsive support and managed maintenance are the minimum needed to keep equipment operating, they are no longer sufficient to give you a competitive advantage in the emerging world of work. Instead, OKIN Facility will help you get ahead of problems by using smart technology and dedicated on-hand teams to maximize the uptime of your equipment. Using a combination of data and expertise we’ll work proactively to increase the lifespan of your assets, optimize their productivity, and keep everything up to date and compliant — often fixing issues before you even realize there was a problem.